What I Need to Know

to BOOK an appointment

for my VISIT


  1. Click Book Now button or follow the video instructions to download Acuity App.
  2. Select Date and Services you want ( if you wanting multiple services make sure to book all of them, i.e.Performance and Recovery Services.)
  3. Fill out the Intake Form (if first time booking)
  4. For a private room Performance Session please request in About Your Appointment
  5. Click on Schedule Appointment

Read over cancellation policy and you're done!!!

  1. Call or Book online to make an appointment.  If you are booking online or thru the Acuity App make sure to click on NEW CLIENT/FIRST APPOINTMENT to schedule.
  2. Wear or bring comfortable/loose clothing for the area of your body you would like work on. ( Most of these treatments require contact w/ skin, if you are not comfortable with being in public we do have a private treatment room available, please let staff know ahead of time.)
  3. If you are going to get in cold plunge please bring a change of attire, a changing room is available.
  4. At your visit notify staff of any pertinent medical information that may have changed from last appointment.
  5. Notify staff of any changes you noticed in your performance or recovery from previous treatment. Good, bad or indifferent it all is important in finding a treatment approach best for you.
  6. Get ready to get comfortable being uncomfortable, the Performance and Recovery services can be as intense as you want.  
  7. Embrace the "Good Pain" and enjoy the "Feel Good".
  8. Set up your next Performance or Recovery session

Hours & Location