Normatec is the ultimate recovery device. The technology can increase circulation, improve mobility for those who work out regularly, train for competitions or races, experience swollen legs from traveling frequently, stand for long hours on the job, or suffer from inflammation, sore muscles, and other circulatory issues.


The Normatec PULSE Series is a pneumatic compression device that utilizes patented technology to increase circulation to the limbs. Using Normatec’s leg, arm, or hip attachments boosts blood flow and reduces pain and soreness. In addition to these benefits, studies show that Normatec decreases inflammation, clears metabolites, and increases range of motion.

Why choose Normatec?

Faster recovery
Increased circulation
Reduced pain and inflammation
Patented technology for proven results (relied on by 97% of pro teams)

Normatec Price Duration
NormaTec Compression Device
30 min

"You can only work as hard as your ability to recover"

Tom Brady