Our Mission

The standard doesn’t change.

It is a simple motto, but it has shaped my professional career in helping people recover from injuries. This one powerful phrase boldly states that it does not matter if you are a star athlete or the last man on the bench – the standard of care remains the same. Therefore, I have made it the mission of Phase 5 Sport Performance and Recovery to provide you with a superior standard of care once only available for elite athletes. 

Our mobile service brings innovative technology and treatments based on scientific research and the ever-changing knowledge of how the human body works and recovers to our clients. Our therapy benefits are various and plentiful. Services include enhancing the recovery of sore muscles, promoting mobility, diminishing the effects of chronic pain, slowing the effects of aging, and reducing inflammation. As recovery specialists, we use these tools and techniques to ensure maximum athletic recovery, healing efforts, and assistance with injury prevention. Phase 5 is the next step for providing innovative and leading-edge service to Northern California.

Get serious about your training

We will enhance your recovery