Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

Also known as “scraping,” IASTM is a form of soft tissue mobilization incorporating a tool. The instruments preferred by Phase 5 are HawkGrips. When soft tissue such as muscle is injured, cross-linkages develop in the tissue, thus decreasing strength, reactivity, and limiting the range of motion. In addition, the use of the tool and technique detects and relieves symptoms of scar tissue, adhesions, and fascial restrictions within the soft tissue.

Benefits of IASTM with HawkGrips:

Immediate results
Improved in range of motion
Stimulated tissue repair
Greater flexibility

**Like most medical interventions, there are risks and rewards involved in IASTM. Please consult with the professionals at Phase 5 if IASTM is suitable for you.**

IASTM Price Duration
IASTM Hawkgrips w/ Self-Tool Kit
30 min

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John Wooden